My grandfather’s music

Balys Dvarionas – remarkable personality

My grandfather is best known for being pianist, conductor and educationalist composing miscellaneous works ranging from opera, ballet, and symphony to music for films and theatres. His musical works are distinctive for their melody, emotionality, familiar motives from folk tunes. The music by Dvarionas seems extemporaneous but natural, flexible in rhythmics, and makes an impression of clear and colourful mood. But this is not all. Listen to what he once said: “My aesthetic ideals were formed under the influence of 19th century romanticism, and I believe in the musician’s vocational call to spread beauty, good, harmony, to educate people and to raise them above the routine. I believe that people who say this type of view is behind the times are wrong. The ideals of human good have remained unchanged over many thousands of years: love, truth, freedom and friendship. To serve them is not a step backwards.” It is about humanity and being human. That was especially true when one needed to survive the Soviet regimen...

Balys Dvarionas (1904-1972)

The famous Violin Concerto

A world class Ukrainian-born Israeli violinist Vadim Gluzman performed the Aiste’s grandfather’s Violin Concerto in London on 13 April 2013 accompanied by BBC Symphony Orchestra. It was a historical premiere in many ways: the very first Violin Concerto written by any Lithuanian performed in London for the very first time and in the presence of composer’s living descendants who in turn all are musicians as well (including Aiste and her daughter Ilona). In the professional world Vadim Gluzman does not need an introduction. Playing the 1690 ‘ex-Leopold Auer’ Stradivarius he appears regularly with the orchestras such as Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Houston, San Francisco, and with leading European orchestras such as Leipzig Gewandhaus, the Check, Dresden, Munich Philharmonic Orchestras. In the interview to the National Lithuanian and Radio Vadim Gluzman said “I knew the Balys Dvarionas Concert since my very childhood. Fell in love with it from the first moment. It’s been quite some time since my instrument had enjoyed music with so much fun. Speaking of the rehearsals with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the entire crew was smiling throughout the rehearsal which was really touching. The musicians played B. Dvarionas music with enormous pleasure. In turn, I will try to do my best to make that this music would be performed more and more frequently.”

Vadim Gluzman in the interview to the LTV after performing the Dvarionas Violin Concerto premiere in London

International Balys Dvarionas Competition

In memory of my grandfather the International and the National Balys Dvarionas Competitions for young pianists and violinists was established in 1997. Since then hundreds of most talented children from Lithuania and from the entire world have tried themselves in this competition.

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