Fees, terms and conditions

In order for each student to achieve their personal best, I teach only one student at a time (surely, others are welcome to listen and observe) because I believe in the value of individual lessons. However, I always strongly recommend the parents/carers and other students as well to be present at the lessons so they could understand how important it is to support and encourage their young artists at home between my lessons.

The fee for one lesson is £70. Typical lesson is 1 hour, however, with smaller children I shorten the sessions depending on their ability to concentrate, and hence the cost is smaller (i.e. for 1/2 hour I charge £40). The frequency of the lessons is also a contributing factor agreeing the fee. Depending on your preference, I can either take fees for each lesson or a one off payment for a semester.

Masterclass fee is £100 per one hour. Fees may be negotiated depending on the length of the masterclasses.

Cancellation policy. I myself have two children and am very mindful of how plans sometimes go astray especially with smaller kids. Therefore, I have a flexible ‘pupil-centric’ approach and I do not charge for late cancellations, because I believe in mutual understanding for this is a ‘long term run’.  

I teach at my place and have students from around Richmond borough, e.g. Teddington, Twickenham, Hampton. However, there are students that travel to get my lessons from as far as Woking, Kingston, Thames Ditton, North London, Walton and Wimbledon. Is the price (travelling and fees) worth it? I guess the results speak for themselves. For more information please see the page References and My students