From the employers:

Prof Petras Radzevicius. Head of the String instruments Department of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Aiste is a well-known teacher of violin in Lithuania. Her artistic and pedagogical activity has produced very good results: quite a few of her former students have become winners of national and international violin competitions. All of them are either continuing or have already their further studies in some other outstanding schools of Europe. Aiste Dvarionaite has not only imbibed the best long-standing traditions of teaching violin play, but has also enriched the methods of its teaching whilst working in the String Department of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.Aiste is a very warm and outgoing person, whose personal qualities are greatly appreciated by her colleagues and students alike. She is very skilful in conveying information and knowledge through different forms of teaching – be it a private lesson, public Master Classes or creative workshops, Aiste is well able to support and encourage her students artistic and professional growth. The results of her pedagogical and artistic activity are so successful, that it has not remained unnoticed by a wider public as it contributed to the spread of musical art.

Mr Romualdas Kondrotas. Director National M.K. Ciurlionis Arts School 

Aiste Dvarionaite was one of the key members of our String Department at the National M.K. Ciurlionis Arts School in Vilnius, Lithuania. Throughout her fourteen-year period of employment with us, Mrs Dvarionaite’s pedagogical work has been marked by depth of understanding, sensitivity and seriousness, her teaching transcends a lasting impression on those who experience it, be it colleagues or students, regardless of age or educational development.
As a member of our teaching staff, Mrs Aiste Dvarionaite was essential in building the excellent reputation of our String Department. She attracted talented students, and other gifted individuals have a keen interest in her teaching. Her sharp intelligence, superior musical knowledge, warm personality and integrity endear her to students whose artistic progress is impressive and who show remarkable affinity and dedication to music and their pedagogue. 
Mrs Dvarionaite’s students showed excellent schooling; they successfully participated in international and national competitions, open concerts and other school and extra-curricular activity, creating a reputation of highest standard and utmost professionalism for the entire school. 
As a highly creative person sparkling with extraordinary ideas she contributed a lot for the development of our school in general. Mrs Aiste Dvarionaite works in a very cooperative spirit, naturally attracting and inspiring staff members for achievement towards excellence in all fields of music and education. Any musical institution will benefit from professional affiliation with Mrs Dvarionaite and will be proud of this affiliation. I recommend Mrs. Aiste Dvarionaite very highly and without any reservation. 

Mr Kieran Brunt. Director of Music. Hampton Court House School

I would like to recommend Aiste Dvarionaite as a teacher of violin. I have known Aiste as a teacher of violin at Hampton Court House for the past two years. She is a consummate musician and and has been well-loved teacher for all of this time. Aiste combines a serious level of technical discipline with a very warm and approachable manner. In my experience this is quite some feat. Her students leave lessons with assured technical ability, a love of their repertoire and a desire to improve. Aiste caught my particular attention when I observed her teaching a young boy with behavioural difficulties at school recently. His level of concentration and eagerness to play well was truly remarkable, and I am certain that this is down to the high-standard of teaching he was receiving. I can say with some confidence that Aiste is a versatile musician whose high standards achieve exceptional results. 

From the students

Mr Mike Griffiths LRAM, ARCM, Dip GSM 

Aiste is unquestionably one of the best violin teachers in the UK today. Having played and taught the violin professionally for many years and studied at both the Royal College and Royal Academy of Music I can attest to her exceptional ability to teach the most effective violin technique and bring music to life in a way that is captivating and motivating for children. There is no substitute with learning from a top player like Aiste who knows how to teach and who has themselves been taught by the best musicians in the world. Many players know how to play well but simply can't teach or aren't committed to learning the craft of teaching and how to make something complex so accessible and enjoyable. My two children's playing has been transformed by her teaching in only a short time. I only wish I had received her teaching 25 years ago when I was at Music College! 

Mrs Rieko Abe

My 6 year old daughter enjoys Aiste's lesson every week. It's not easy, but she works hard to get a champion stamp! My 9 year old son struggles more than his sister because he has lots of habits to be corrected, but he decided to work hard to overcome his problems. Aiste has lots of experience in teaching which I think is very important and she provides high level lessons (which require lots of patience from children) and we are happy that Aiste became our teacher. Feedback rating 5/5 

Mrs Tatjana Slykova 

My 9 years old daughter loves lessons with Aiste. It is not easy to break old habits, but we are thrilled that we find Aiste now! It is wonderful to have such excellent teacher with extensive experience, professionalism, and fantastic way with children. Feedback rating 5/5. 

Mrs Celine Han 

Both my daughters (age 14 and 6) have been taught by Aiste, and it was apparent from the first lesson that we had found a truly remarkable teacher. Her enthusiastic greetings and passion for music quickly forges a strong bond between the pupils, parents and herself. The methods of teaching vary between pupils and she uses techniques that personally appeal to the individuals' nature, ensuring rapid progress and knowledge that stays. The lessons are very rewarding and the skills taught are the best there are. Aiste is also incredibly creative in her teaching, unafraid to use metaphors and stories to get the point across, with vivid descriptions and lots of imagination to help the pupil play their very best. She also encourages the students to be creative and introduces the many different faces of music. My six year old daughter has a very short attention span and gives up easily, but Aiste found several ways to keep her constantly engaged and inspires her to do better every time. Both of my daughters found learning with Aiste an amazingly fun experience and they both improved greatly. Her passion really influences all of us and her beautiful smile is always there! Aiste is a truly amazing teacher and I would recommend her to everyone. 

Mrs Min Liu 

Aiste is a truly utstanding teacher and violinist. She has taught my 5 years old daughter Amber for nearly 2 months. Her tremendous warmth, upbeat approach to learning, and her obvious passion and skills as a teacher and performer has made it easy for my daughter to maintain her commitment to the violin. Aiste makes serious learning fun and Amber has made rapid progress under her instruction. She knows how to collaborate well with parents too. I would strongly recommend her as a violin teacher to anyone ---child or adult. 

Mrs Varga 

Aiste has been tutoring my daughter Leah for about 5 months now. Prior to this, Leah was never particularly enthused about music, but Aiste has taken her to another level. Herself a concert violinist, she has got a broad experience working in the music school for talented kids in her home country and is an excellent teacher. Her strongest point is her ability to capture pupils’ attention and to charmingly yet firmly make learning excellent music a pleasure. 
She is patient, interested in people, establishes a friendly rapport with her pupil, and yet insists that what she teaches is actually learnt. She is personable, with a good sense of humour, and Leah herself feels she has much improved under Aiste’s tutelage. Altogether, she has contributed to Leah’s musical education greatly. I have no hesitation to recommend her highly.